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Our commitment to sustainability

Environmental Responsibility

As printers we require paper, but this does not necessarily have to come fresh from trees. Coated and uncoated papers of most basis weights are available with up to 40% post consumer waste and 100% recycled content. Most of these come from paper mills and vendors that are certified FSC or SFI and Chain of Custody.

We require inks, but these do not have to be 100% petroleum-based. We now use vegetable oil based inks.

We require printing plates, but we now make them with computer-to-plate technology and thereby reduce the traditional and hazardous methods of acid etched film-based plate making.

We require shipping carton's, but ours are made from 35% to 100% recycled fibers.

We require shipping skids. We recycle as many as possible, and make new ones from recycled or used lumber.

We require glue for binding, but these, too have been reformulated to remain both environmentally friendly and totally reliable.

We understand that no single company can save the world, but we are committed to taking every step possible towards contributing our share of conservation and responsibility.