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DPZ Technology - Comprehensive Publishing and Printing Services

Services available through DPZ:

• On Demand Book Printing
• eBook Creation
• Website Development and Management
• eCommerce Development 
• eBook Club Membership 
• eMarketing Services
• Affiliate marketing
• Campaigns and webinars
• Scanning Services
• Book Fulfillment

 All of our products and services can be performed as a normal ‘project-based’ effort, however, they also can be performed under your private brand banner. The products and services would be your products and services (but merely performed by DPZ).  This ‘branding’ technique has the added benefit of increased control of the projects by not ‘diluting’ your exposure to your company by introducing DPZ as another entity in the projects.  You maintain complete control over your customer base.

For additional information contact:

Terry Ziemba

Ken Kranz

Or visit www.dpztechnology.com